Bold, intelligent design + experienced, friendly people =
Creative Loop

Here at Creative Loop, we understand the importance of good design and how to create it.
(We do have a combined 40+ years of experience after all.)
But, we also understand that good design needs to do more than look good. It needs to serve a purpose.

Let’s take a leaflet as an example. You might want a leaflet that uses your brand colours and is beautified with creative graphics, but what you really need is a leaflet that encourages enquiries.

We make sure you get both. Along with:


We pour ourselves into your project. We’re incredibly flexible. We work fast. We’re friendlier than next door’s cat. We push the boundaries of design. We consult honestly. We deliver work that’s anything but ordinary. So all you need to do? Is relax in the knowledge your project is in very capable hands.


You can always get straight through, by phone or email, to the person who’s actually doing your work. This cuts out around 97% of miscommunications, confusions, and pointless calls. You’ve got better things to be doing, after all…


We’re not here to deliver work that looks like it stepped off your competitors’ production line. We use our knowledge, experience, and fizzing creativity to make your communications stand out from the rest. Because isn’t that what marketing is about? So glad you agree!

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